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Brixworth Village Thomas Roe & Buttercross
All Saints` Church Brixworth 1_Exterior Post-1865


Brixworth Hall




Brixworth Hall

Chesham memorial

Northampton Road, Brixworth

St Boniface


It is believed that the reliquary found in a stone box in the wall of the All Saints' Church was the the larynx bone of St Boniface.


St Boniface , or Winfrith, was born in Devon and travelled to Europe as a missionary. He later became Bishop of Mainz in Germany where he was martyred in 754.

Lord Chesham


This monument was erected in 1908 in memory of Charles, the 3rd Baron Chesham to the south of Brixworth.


Lord Chesham frequently rode with the Pytchley Hunt and it was when he was riding with the hunt he was thrown, suffered a broken neck and died.



William Wood esq


In 1854 William Wood who lived in Brixworth was murdered by Lord Isham at Brixworth Hall.




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