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Brixworth Village Thomas Roe & Buttercross
All Saints` Church Brixworth 1_Exterior Post-1865

Brixworth in 1914

Men Serving in His Majesty's Forces before the War


 Colonel Trent, 5th Northampton's                               Pte Herbert Walpole, 1st Northamptons

 Lieutenant D R Cross, 16th Lancers                              Pte Charles Williams, 1st Northamptons

 Pte Joseph Clarke, 1st Grenadier Guards                      Pte George pittam, Scottish Riffles

 Pte James Clarke, H.M.S. Glasgow                                Pte Leonard West, Scottish Riffles

 Pte Frank Ward, 19th Hussars                                       Corporal A. Evans, 1st Middlesex

 Pte William Sharp, 7th Hussars                                    Pte William Tite, 1st Leicestershire

 Pte Charles Neal, 3rd Dragoon Guards                       Pte Alfred Summerfgield, Special Reserve

 Pte Joseph Jellis, R.F.A.                                                    Pte Alfred Hunt, Special Reserve

 Pte George Wilson, R.F.A.                                              Pte Walter Wilson, Special Reserve

 Pte Frank Gardiner, 1st Northamptons


Volunteers in 1914


 2nd Lieut H.S.Painter, 11th Manchester                      Felix Thompson, 5th Northamptons

 Albert Buswell, 7th Northamptons                              Arthur Tite, 5th Northamptons

 Edward Buswell, 5th Northamptons                          Charles Tite, 5th Northamptons

 Lance Corp William Burkett, 6th Northamptons    Oliver Tyrell, 5th Northamptons

 George Billing, Northamptons (Terr.)                          Frederick Walker, Northampton (Terr.)

 Charles Bull, 5th Northamptons                                  Raymond Warwick, A.S.C.

 Frank Clarke, Northamptonshire Yeomanry            Col. Serg. Bradshaw (Formerly 24 yrs in 1st Northamptons                      

 Joseph Dickens, 5th Northamptons                          Owen Tyrell, 8th Northamptons

 Edgar Dewey, 5th Northamptons                              Frank Tyrell, 8th Northamptons

 W.J.Dunkley, A.S.C                                                         Walter Plowman, 8th Northamptons

 Hugh Eldred, Northamptonshire Yeomanry           John Chapman, 8th Northamptons

 John Eldred, 7th Northamptons                                 Joseph, Benfield, 8th Northamptons

 Frank Goodall, Northamptonshire yeomanry        Fred James, 8th Northamptons

 Bertie Gubbins, 7th Notthamptons                          Harry Cook, 8th Northamptons

 Harry Gregory, A.S.C.                                                   Reginald Hamson, 8th Northamptons

 Arther Keber, Liverpool                                               Charles Bridgewood, 8th Northamptons

 Frank Keber, Staffordshire                                         William Walter, 8th Northamptons

 Gerorge Neal, A.S.C.                                                     George Smith, Northamptonshire Yeomanry

 William Prior, Northamptons (Terr.)                        William Shadlock, Northamptonshire Yeomanry

 William Pateman, A.S.C.                                             William Summerfield, Northamptons (Terr)

 Ernest Patemen, A.S.C.                                               F.J.Poyser, Lovat's Scouts

 Regimald Smith, R.A.M.C.                                                  





In 2014 our summer exhibition focused on Brixworth in 1914.

We have been researching those men of our village who volunteered for service at the start of the Great War and the men named on the war memorial who lost their lives.


Could you help us with our ongoing research?


Listed below are the names of the men we know were in the forces by December 1914. Are any of these your ancestors? Do you have any photographs or information about them that you would be willing to share with us. Please contact our archivist   

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