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Brixworth Village Thomas Roe & Buttercross
All Saints` Church Brixworth 1_Exterior Post-1865

Hearth Tax



This tax was levied between 1662 and 1689, usually on each householder, according to the number of hearths in his / her dwelling. Liable householders paid 1 shilling twice a year for each hearth, fire and stove.


Exemption was given to those too poor to contribute to poor and church rates or whose property was worth less than 20 shillings per year.


As these records indicate the number of householders they can be used to estimate the total population of a community. Unfortunately, lists of names only survive for some years and do not always include the exempt poor.


The Hearth Tax list for Brixworth for 1673/4 includes both taxable and exempt householders. Of the 147 householders at this time 52 were liable to pay the tax and 85 were  exempt.


The list has been transcribed and edited by Francis Howcutt from the original document which is held by the National Archives (E179/254/14).


Click here for details of the 1673-1674 Hearth Tax for Brixworth.





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